EtgarSoft - Software House

Etgar Soft Software House (Etgar Systems) is a well-established company with rich experience in the development of advanced ERP/CRM software, providing a comprehensive response to the managerial needs of industrial factories and various organizations.

The uniqueness of the company lies in its ability to adapt the solutions required by each organization's individual needs according to a unique model developed by Etgar Soft that significantly shortens system implementation times.

The owners and founders of Etgar Soft, Yossi and Iris Zemach, are first class professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of systems analysis, software development, computerized systems management, in cloud environments and in business activities in general.
Company customers in Israel and overseas who have been utilizing the software developed for them by Etgar Systems for many years are testament to the quality and close match of these systems to the various company needs involved. These customers include…

Established in 1991, Etgar Soft has developed an extensive number of systems over the years, handling a wide range of matters, including:

ERP system for factory management: marketing, CRM information systems to manage and analyze databases, order management system, production line and premium

management, stock management, subscription management system, installation department/service/accounting management, project management, purchasing management, etc.

The extensive knowledge and experience we have gained over the years through our activities with numerous companies, our professionalism and specialization in the field of industry have enabled us to assist customers in constructing the ERP/CRM system exactly suited to their needs in the briefest of time, granting their organization more business efficiency at less cost.

We can help your company to increase its creative thinking and improve its organizational decision-making, rendering every production issue more efficient, including follow-up, reporting and supply.  Our systems will provide your company management with complete transparency on everything occurring in real time on the production lines, in inventory warehouse
management and purchasing, including follow-up on every piece of goods that enters or exits the warehouse.
At Etgar Soft, we specialize in systemic vision, inherent in every computerized system, and can provide the following models:
•    Multi-annual, multi-social, multi-currency, suited to most financial languages
•    Adaptable for sales, stock management, purchasing, time and objective 
      management, process management, reports, BI (business intelligence),
      production, production floor management, time registry, production process
      listings by barcode, customer service, caller ID – which extracts data for
      immediate display when the client calls – internal communications, reminders,
      document archives, etc.
•    Wide range of options for permit qualification.
•    Adapts personal software menu to each and every user.
•    Provides interfaces for hardware components, audits, weights, employee time
     clocks, barcode scanner.
•    Provides interfaces for external hardware, including  Sheba, Massav, and for  external
     accounting management hardware, eg. Hashavshevet, Rivhit.
•    Work in cloud environments or local stations, as well as palm devices, tablets,  
     smart phones, etc.

Etgar Soft's Credo

Our dynamic and competitive business environment has never been so complex and demanding.  Organizations and decision-makers from all market sectors are required, more than over, to respond and act swiftly and efficiently while adapting flexible business models that enable operation in fluctuating market conditions.
It has been proven with certainty that from the day of installation of the ETGAR SOFT ERP/CRM software, the system improves work efficiency and results in huge cost-saving, by determining mandatory work procedures and considerably improving service.
At Etgar Soft, our objective is our customers' success, the understanding of your business needs, and the successful implementation of an advanced computerized system while maintaining your long term investment value. 

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